Alteration Services

At FRAÎCHE, we understand that the fit of clothing can make that small difference between ordinary and spectacular. Love our clothing but it doesn't sit the way you want it to? Not a problem. No matter how many stitches or pinches you may require, we charge a discounted rate of $5 per piece of clothing (for most simple alterations). 

More complicated procedures (such as fixing a broken zip, re-sewing beading work), will range between $5-$20.

As long as it is purchased from us, bring the clothing down to any of our stores for a fitting. Our sales assistants will be happy to help you fit the clothing to your liking and forward the dress to the tailor.

How long does it take?
Alterations are usually available for collection in 5 days. For urgent requests, please contact a sales assistant directly.

Your item can be collected at the same store where you dropped it off. Altered clothing is not exchangeable or refundable.

Location of your tailors?
We outsource our alterations to 2 tailors and they are located at Plaza Singapura and Centrepoint. Although they are not employed by us, the tailor at Plaza Singapura graduated with a technical degree in tailoring and she does some really amazing work!